About Us

Nestled in the heart of England, the White Deer International Film Festival welcomes all filmmakers to submit their projects. 


Films that enter our festival competition are judged by industry award-winners and have a chance to win multiple IMDB-Qualifying awards with one entry fee.

Our Goal

The White Deer International Film Festival is built on the idea that we, the judges, are also filmmakers. In many ways, we are exactly the same as the people who send us submissions; we want to share our stories with the world and receive praise and criticism in order to grow and improve.

As 'Independent Filmmakers', we also believe it is essential to foster the potential of creatives outside the typical “hotspots” within the film industry. Our ethos is that filmmakers can, and should, have opportunities in locations across the world, and not only in big cities.

The East Midlands, UK

We are committed to promoting the talents of individuals and groups within a region very close to our heart, the East Midlands, UK. It is here where White Deer IFF was formed but also where not enough filmmakers are given the exposure that they deserve.


Therefore, we have decided to host separate award categories solely for East Midlands-based applicants, so that many more films from this area can be brought to the attention of global audiences. It is our hope that this will increase the exposure of talent in this geographic region. After all, this beautiful part of the UK has many stories to tell, and we will do our best to see them told.

Meet The Team