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One Entry Fee
Access to Multiple Awards

Entrants must select the most accurate runtime for their film from the options below:

Long Narrative, Short Narrative, Microshort Narrative, Long Documentary, Short Documentary, Microshort Documentary, Music Video, Trailer


Entrants will then be eligible to win any of the following awards...

East Midlands Awards

Best East Midlands Long Narrative

Best East Midlands Short Narrative

Best East Midlands Microshort Narrative

Best East Midlands Documentary

Best East Midlands Documentary

Best East Midlands Microshort Documentary

Main Awards

Best Long Narrative
Best Short Narrative
Best Microshort Narrative
Best Long Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Microshort Documentary

Technichal Awards

Best Director
Best Writing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Casting
Best Art Direction
Best Production Design
Best Set Design
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Visual Effects
Best Special Effects
Best Costumes
Best Hair & Makeup
Best Location
Best Colour Grading
Best Sound Design
Best Soundtrack
Best Trailer

Best Young Filmmaker

Best Music Video

Genre Awards

Best Drama
Best Action
Best Sci-Fi
Best Thriller
Best Comedy
Best Horror
Best Romance
Best Fantasy
Best Western
Best Dystopian
Best Message
Best Experimental
Best Animation